Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta

Opera Mobile was launched in 2000 as the first mobile browser to bring the full Web to the small mobile screen. Since 2004 it has been installed on 125 million phones. Opera Mobile has pioneered and set the standard in mobile browsing, supporting the latest technologies and receiving industry acclaim.

Today, Opera continues to provide the best mobile Web experience with Opera Mobile 9.7. Opera Mobile is the answer to the demands of global mobile Internet community. Opera Mobile 9.7 comes outfitted with added performance, Opera Turbo and Opera Widgets.

In this article, I’ll give you a brief rundown of the new features available on Opera Mobile 9.7, then jump into looking at Opera Mobile 9.7 web standards support, and how this support can help you optimize sites so they display better in the browser. Along the way I’ll also cover the Opera Mobile 9.7 user agent string, Google Gears support, and Opera Dragonfly support (ie how to use it to debug sites directly on mobile).

This release has many improvements over its predecessor, including :

New rendering engine: Opera Mobile 9.7 uses our Opera Presto 2.2 rendering engine, which gives improved speed, 100/100 on the Acid 3 test, and many new standards support improvements, as you’ll see below

Improved support for Opera Widgets: Opera Mobile supports Opera Widgets, Opera’s self-contained, cross-device applications built using web standards. Browse to the Opera Widgets homepage using Opera Mobile 9.7 beta and try some out

Widget Manager: This release also features a new Widget Manager with improved usability and design, which runs independently from the browser

Opera Mobile 9.7 supports Opera Turbo: This is a simple but effective feature that, when turned on, compresses pages by up to 80%, giving you a faster browsing experience if you are in a low or patchy bandwidth area. It does not use the same compression technology as Opera Mini, but it is similar. You can read more about Opera Turbo on labs.opera.com

Google Gears support: Gears is an open source project that allows improved web applications with features such as offline storage and worker threads to help tired processors handle number crunching. Read more about it below

Download : Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta

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